Washington DC Search Engine Optimization Strategies(SEO)

The 3 reasons why your business needs Search Engine Optimization are to enable people to find you, to remain competitive on the Internet, and finally to attract more prospects, at a better return on investment (ROI).

The Web has transformed how business operate. There are new strategies, social media, search engines, daily offers and tons of other exciting options. The phenomenon has sparked many traditional store front businesses to expand their operation with an online division. To steer through the clutter of Internet Searches, consulting firms have developed strategies to tackle the challenge. SEO in the Washington DC area is as equally important as SEO to the worldwide audiences. Local search results are key to local business. Small to big business feeds off the search results from big search engines such as Google, Yahoo! or Bing.

We have a dedicated approach to search engine optimization that has resulted us in years of success. There is a tremendous opportunity for business owners who can now tap into millions of people in the Washington DC area as well as across the country.

Pantone Designs has the knowledge and skill that is necessary to delivery high results in SEO campaigns.

Our team is dedicated to bringing more qualified prospects to your website through popular search engines, including Google, Yahoo and Bing.

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SEO Services

On-Site Optimization: optimize your Titles, Meta Tags, CSS Header, Website Structure and install an XML Sitemap for Optimal Indexation on the new CMS.

Google Analytics: Install and Setup Google Analytics on your website, for monitoring visitor and content statistics every week.

Google Webmaster Tools: Setup Google Webmaster Tools for checking crawling and robot statistics and make sure the content is being crawled properly every day.

Optimize Keywords: optimize the top least competitive keyword based on keyword research for your site

Creation of internal Blog with unique articles: Create an internal blog allowing more content development and will load the blog with unique articles

Optimize Internal Pages: Optimize internal linking structure to allow Search Engine Robots to analyze your internal links before creating external links.

Goal is to create hundreds of internal pages and links.
Directory Submissions: will submit your Website to top Directories (ranging from Page Rank 1-Page Rank 9)

Social Bookmarks: Social Bookmarks are websites like Digg, Mixx, Yahoo Buzz, Delicious. They carry a lot of value and are excellent back link sources. Blogs with unique articles: Blog with unique articles allow tremendous value with link back to your site with the appropriate keywords.

Squidoo Lense, Hub Pages and other social blogging platforms: creation of Squidoo Lenses and Hub Pages, which are social media sites that allow users to create their own interest pages. Each of these pages will be optimized with modules and RSS feeds to extract content from your site on a regular basis.

• Rapid Indexing Module: each link will be pinged with our Rapid Indexing Module to ensure quick indexation by Search Engines.

• RSS / Feed Submission to 100+ ping list: we will submit the RSS feed of your web 2.0 properties and blog to over 100 relevant blogs on the ping list.

• Development of a Widget – allows your company to get the exposure through a widget that can be placed anywhere around the web and have a visible link back to your site.
• Weekly Report: weekly PDF report outlining your rankings and your progress towards the 1st page.